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Key Blog Posts

Since over 1,000 posts have been published on this blog since it was launched, a series of pages providing links to significant resources are being created. Note that this page will develop over time.

  • Web Accessibility: A summary of four recent posts on Web accessibility.
  • Institutional Repositories: A summary of five posts on ways of analysing and understanding practices in the provision of institutional repositories.
  • Importance of Wikipedia: A summary of four posts  which describes the importance of Wikipedia for dissemination, ways of determining evidence of the effectiveness of providing contributions to Wikipedia and evidence of the value which links from Wikipedia will provide in enhancing a site’s SEO ranking.
  • Standards: A summary of six posts related to policy issues on use of open standards.
  • Lanyrd: A summary of four posts which describe development of the Lanyrd service since shortly after its launch and discuss its potential for finding conferences of interest, for raising the professional profile of speakers and, potentially, for providing a central web site for events.
  • Twitter: A summary of four posts which illustrate the benefits of Twitter and provides examples of tools which can enhance use of Twitter.
  • Blog practices: A summary of 12 posts which provide examples of best practices for blogging.
  • Facebook:  A summary of five posts which reflect on the popularity of Facebook and lessons which can be learnt form its popularity.

This page was created on 20 August 2012 and contained three entries.

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