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Welcome to the UK Web Focus Blog

Posted by Brian Kelly on 1 Nov 2006

Welcome to the UK Web Focus Blog. As my tenth anniversary as UK Web Focus at UKOLN arrives, it is clearly time for me to set up a Blog to support my role as a Web adviser to the UK higher and further education and cultural heritage sectors.

This Blog will give my thoughts, views, opinions, etc. on matters related to the Web.

Your feedback is welcomed.

Brian Kelly, UKOLN, University of Bath, BATH, UK.

8 Responses to “Welcome to the UK Web Focus Blog”

  1. I’m sorry – who are you again? :)

    Already subscribing …



  2. Bill Lee said

    And your thoughts?
    Or a list of issues of the day/hour that we can comtemplate.

    Would the web be better if….

    Don’t forget the blind and Lynx browsers

  3. So the nagging at ILI worked :-)


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