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“Exploiting The Potential Of Wikis” workshop

Posted by Brian Kelly on 6 Nov 2006

On Friday 3 November 2006 UKOLN held a workshop entitled “Exploiting The Potential Of Wikis” at Austin Court, Birmingham. I put together the programme, chaired the morning session and gave a talk in the afternoon. My co-chair, Steven Warburton of King’s College London gave the opening talk in the morning and chaired the afternoon session. The other speakers were Professor Henry Rzepa (Imperial College) and Phil Wilson (University of Bath). All of the speakers slides are available online.

There were about 80 participants at the workshop and the feedback seemed to be very positive. We’ll be analysing the feedback shortly and I’ll post a summary of the significant comments. In the meantime you can access the workshop Wiki, which was hosted on the Wetpaint Wiki service.

One Response to ““Exploiting The Potential Of Wikis” workshop”

  1. Note that, as described in a later posting on The Trouble With Wikis, the evaluation findings for the workshop have been published.

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