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Blogs published by IT Service Departments

Posted by Brian Kelly on 12 Nov 2006

I’ve added to my Blogroll links to two Blogs published by senior managers of IT Service department in UK higher educational institutions. These are by:

I have met both John and Michael. John, head of development at e-lab, University of Warwick, gave a talk on “Being Agile” at a UKOLN workshop on Initiatives & Innovation: Managing Disruptive Technologies. And Michael gave a plenary talk on “Developing a Web 2.0 Strategy” at the Institutional Web Management Workshop 2006 (where, incidentally, Michael mentioned that Newport College was inspired to develop a Web 2.0 strategy following my talk on “What Can Internet Technologies Offer?” at the UCISA Management Conference in 2004).

John and Michael have successful Blogs, covering both strategic issues and more technical ones, with the occasional reflections on a wider range of issues. John’s Blog is also very successful in providing an area for discussion and debate with his user community. As can be seen, John is willing to share examples of best practices and invite encourage others to provide other examples, which John might not be aware of.

I think this example provides an illustration of a deployment strategy for Web 2.0 technologies such as Blogs which could usefully be adopted more widely with the community: senior managers setting a lead and demonstrating examples of best practices, such as engaging with the user community.

Are there other examples of Blogs published by other senior managers in IT Service departments? Or, indeed, within Libraries?

2 Responses to “Blogs published by IT Service Departments”

  1. […] Clearly there are also limitations with this approach. If things go wrong, there may be a need to seek forgiveness! What is the preferred approach – leadership set by central service departments, as described in my previous post, or a bottom-up approach? Or is there a third way? […]

  2. “As can be seen” links to your wordpress admin screen.

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