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Posted by Brian Kelly on 12 Nov 2006

Michael Webb has recently posted an article on LibraryThing. I have also recently signed up for this service and catalogues about 100 of my (many!) books. The interface is very slick, and I particularly appreciate its thriving community, as can be seen by the statistics page.

Initially I started to use it to catalogue my novels. However it has occurred to me that this might be a useful service for cataloguing books in small departments (like UKOLN, perhaps). This might provide a simple way of getting departments started in exploring use of a Web 2.0 service. And, if you are worried about potential loss of your data, there is an export function.

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One Response to “LibraryThing”

  1. jaypullur said


    Dekoh Books brings a new variation to online book cataloging…doing at on your own computer, the web2.0 way. We intend to make it more powerful and variety of integrations (possibly some websites as well). Dekoh Books is free, opensource.

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