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Avoiding Broken Links In Blogs

Posted by Brian Kelly on 11 January 2007

From time to time I come across broken links in blogs. I often find that these are due to errors when pasting URLs into an Insert/edit Link box (you may notice this if you come across links beginning with http://http://www...

I have to admit that I was rather surprised to discover than there don’t appear to be any link checking tools which can be used prior to posting an article in WordPress. In order to minimise the numbers of broken links in my blog, I’ve therefore decided to make use of the Check Page Links FireFox extension, after published posts from now one (if I’m using a PC which has this software installed).

Use of this tool is illustrated below …

Link checking for a blog posting

… and as can be seen, the tool did spot a broken link in one of my previous postings (which I have now fixed).

And for those occasions when I’m using a computer which doesn’t have this extension, I’ve added a link to a link checking service to my sidebar widgets.

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2 Responses to “Avoiding Broken Links In Blogs”

  1. Firebug and Web Developer are two fantastic firefox extensions that I use to validate links, images, css, feeds, accessibility etc.

    But again, they’re post-hoc validations. Unless you use ‘preview post’ and run the validation on that page?

  2. Hi James – thanks for the links. I use the Web Developer extension (I’ve just noticed a new version is available, BTW), but Firebug is new to me.

    I’ll need to experiment to see which tools can be used prior to publishing.

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