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Four Thousand Views and Counting

Posted by Brian Kelly on 12 January 2007

According to the WordPress statistics, today saw the 4,000th visit to this blog since it was launched at the beginning of November 2006, 10 weeks ago.

4,000 visits and counting

On 6th November I described how I claimed my blog in Technorati, in order to observe how new blogs would be found, without any announcement. On 11 November I reported how this had helped the numbers of visitors leap to over 100.

The mantra that there are lies, dammed lies and Web statistics can also be applied to blogs, of course (although as blog pages are dynamic the usage statistics should not be skewed by cached pages). However it terms of being able to monitor usage, identify impact and evaluate the effectiveness of dissemination strategies, there will probably be a need to collect such statistics. As with general Web usage statistics, however, there will be a need to interpret such statistics carefully – a blog intended for reflective purposes, for example, would not expect to gain as many hits as a blog which aims to provide a news and informational resource to a large community.

I’ll return to the issue of maximising awareness of a blog in a future posting. For now, my advice is ‘claim your blog‘.

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IWMW 2007 – Call for Proposals

Posted by Brian Kelly on 12 January 2007

My colleague Marieke Guy has announced the call for proposals for talks, workshop sessions and other suggestions for this year’s Institutional Web Management Workshop (IWMW 2007) which will be held at the University of York on 16-18th July.

I established the IWMW series of workshops back in 1997 and last year, when Marieke took over responsibility as the workshop chair, it celebrated its 10th anniversary. Last year workshop was successful in attracting the largest ever audience (with almost 200 participants) and, judging by the workshop evaluation, probably the most successful event.

The theme for this year’s event is “Next steps for the Web management community”. The event will explore how we can build on the successes of the first ten years of the institutional Web management community. An innovation that has been introduced this year is the call for proposals for working group session based on collaborative working in areas of interest to the Web management community which may have started prior to the workshop or for which the event aims to provide a starting point for collaborative working which will continue afterwards.

Proposals for talks, workshop and working group sessions should be sent to Marieke by 26th February.

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