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Posted by Brian Kelly on 1 Apr 2007

A new blog experiment which is being launched on 1st April is the Guest Blogger. The aim of this is to allow a fellow blogger to give their views and thoughts on a topic area covered by this blog.

I hope that this will provide some variety to the blog. The experiment is also intended to provide exposure to a fellow blogger.

The first Guest Blogger is Roddy MacLeod of Heriot-Watt University. Roddy’s posting, which goes live on 2nd April 2007, will address the issue of blogging within a UK librarian context.

Depending on the success of this experiment I will look to have a regular Guest Blogger. So feel free to get in touch if you’d like to contribute.

One Response to “Guest Bloggers”

  1. Does the guest blogger experiment work? Judging on the comments received and the traffic the first guest blog posting generated on the first day of the experiment, the answer would seem to be yes.
    There were 119 views of Roddy’s posting on the first day, and a total of 449 views of blog postings, the second highest total since the blog was launched. In addition there were 461 views from 222 readers on the service.
    Comments received included Brian – great idea to have a guest ’speaker’ as well, Brian – guest authors is a great idea, and no reason not to have repeat offenders.
    I’m planning on repeating this experiment next month.

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