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I’ve Lost My Widgets

Posted by Brian Kelly on 30 Apr 2007

Those of you who have visited this blog’s Web site recently may have noticed that the appearance is rather more minimalist than it used to be. This wasn’t my doing – it seems that it has reverted to the default for this theme. However this does provide me with an (unexpected) opportunity to rethink the appearance, so I’ll just retrieve on or two of the sidebar features before relaunching a new (or possibly old) interface – but I’ll also use this as an opportunity to experiment with some of the new widgets which WordPress has released recently.

9 Responses to “I’ve Lost My Widgets”

  1. First I had a blogger account, then moved it to TypePad. Then moved that to a blog for a long time, then moved over to integrating website and blog into one wordpress-powered site i.e., with RSS feeds and the other bells and whistles.

    Never looked back, and it’s interesting getting a blog to “fit in” with more traditional website-based content. Mine is based on the classic K2 theme, and it’s a particularly pleasant hobby, trying out new WordPress plug-ins.

    As a side point, it’s all very cheap as well. I pay for 1 lot of web hosting (for several sites) and a Pro Flickr account, but the WordPress infrastructure and all the other Web 2.0 stuff is free.

  2. ajcann said

    Now fixed by the excellent WP crew after the introduction of several new features such as tag clouds and dropdown archive lists.
    Just drag your old widgets back into your sidebars and normal service will be resumed.

  3. Thanks AJ – I spotted that my widget setting were still available. However I can’t remember which ones where live and were they were located. So although the ‘always beta’ development approach at WordPress is useful, the loss of such settings is slightly irritating.
    Anyway thanks for mentioning the Archives widget which I have now enabled.

  4. ajcann said

    You don’t like tag clouds? OK, so it’s a new(ish) paradigm for users, but I think they’re wonderful in usability terms.

  5. Hi AJ – On the contrary, I do agree that tag clouds can provide usability benefits. I did look at the tag clouds widget last night, but decided not to deploy it until I’d reflected on the reasons why I’m a fan and outlined possible downsides to it. I will get back to this.

  6. Hazel said

    Brian – You’re lucky it was just your widgets you lost! AOL just updated its browser software (without asking me first) and reverted the whole of my very carefully crafted toolbar back to “factory settings”! And “they” say that using computers make slife easier — since when?

  7. Brian,

    I knew that one day you’d lose your widgets :-) As long as that’s all you’ve lost.


  8. Mike said

    Brian, same just happened to me…but then seemed to revert back. Maybe I’m going bonkers..


  9. […] the server or something ‘cos it all looks ok again now. Spooky. The same happened to Brian a while back. Maybe WP just do it to freak us […]

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