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The First IT Services Blog?

Posted by Brian Kelly on 10 May 2007

It was via Michael Nolan’s blog that I discovered that Edge Hill University have recently announced the launch of a blog for their Web Services department.

I’m aware of blogs in various academic Library services and individuals within IT Services who have blogs – such as Phil Wilson, here at Bath University, Michael Webb at Newport College and John Dale at Warwick University – but I’ve not come across an IT Services blog (and I guess the Edge Hill University blog doesn’t could as this is for the Web Services department). Are there any? And are IT Services having to catch up with Libraries with making use of blogs to engage with their users?

3 Responses to “The First IT Services Blog?”

  1. We had a small internal one at Bath to do some testing, and I think we’re trying to head that way at the moment (in lieu of setting up a real blog system) by using the News feature in Confluence, the wiki we rolled out at the start of the year. It appears that you can’t actually see it without being able to log in, but you can get an idea by looking at the right-hand column of (I’ll drop Brian an email with the link to the one I mean as he has access to it) – it’s even been linked to from Facebook by a student (if that counts for anything).

  2. […] There’s a couple more IT Services blogs on the way – we’re going for quantity and quality – which surely will qualify us to be the first IT Services department to have a blog? […]

  3. […] May I published a post on The First IT Services Blog? which suggested that the Core Services departtment at Edge Hill Univrersity might be the best IT […]

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