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Death Of Email Debate Continues in Facebook

Posted by Brian Kelly on 28 May 2007

Facebook discussion on email debateOn Friday I received several email invitations from people wishing to add me to their list of Facebook contacts. It struck me that this must be due to someone promoting the benefits of Facebook within the IT Services and Web research communities (these being the sectors from which I received the email invitations).

Shortly after accepting the invitations I received further email alerts informing me that messages had been posted to my Facebook account. The messages I discovered, were made in response to a post in this UK Web Focus blog, which can be viewed from within the Facebook environment – and, as I discovered, responses can be made in Facebook, although they will not be visible on the main UK Web Focus blog site.

So there is a separate chain of discussion taking place within Facebook (which includes a number of my typos, I’ve just discovered, which I can’t edit).

It could be argued that this is fragmenting the discussion – but, to be honest, I often find that I would welcome fragmentation of discussions in emailing lists.

So here we have the potential of a discussion from the perspectives of IT Services managers (Dave Surtees and Chris Sexton work in IT Service departments in the University of York and Sheffield respectively). And their anecdotes are in alignment with the comments made by ajcann, Alison Wildish and James Brown.

And I have discovered the advantages of syndicating the UK Web Focus blog to other places where there are likely to be lots of users. Has anyone else added their blog to Facebook – where it has the potential of being viewed by 25 million users (according to Wikipedia)?

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W4A 2007

Posted by Brian Kelly on 28 May 2007

About The W4A 2007 Conference

I recently attended the W4A 2007 conference (the 4th International Cross-Disciplinary Conference on Web Accessibility), which was held in Banff, Canada prior to the International World Wide Web 2007 conference (WWW 2007) which I have posted about previously. The theme of the conference (which is now a fully-fledged international conference.) was Web 2.0 and the Semantic Web: Hindrance or Opportunity?

Please note that this is a long report. Read the rest of this entry »

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