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Slideshare Available From Facebook

Posted by Brian Kelly on 26 Jun 2007

My colleague Nitin Parmar, a Learning Technologist at the University of Bath, has just alerted me to a post on the Slideshare blog which has just announced that SlideShare is available on FaceBook!

I’ve just tried it and uploaded a few of my slides to my Facebook account. The interface is shown below.

Facebook now supports Slideshare

The Slideshare blog posts admits that “While the Facebook application is not an exact replica of SlideShare, we have tried to include the core features“. It goes on to say that “We plan to gradually add more functionalities to the SlideShare-Facebook application“.

I welcome the fact that Slideshare are engaging their user community in early user testing and that they encourage users to “give us your feedback and let us know how we could enhance its appeal. ” As the open source community often say “release early and release often”.

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4 Responses to “Slideshare Available From Facebook”

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  3. Brian

    great seminar this morning. What is a mashup? I claim my pint!

    Steve Lawless
    BH Impetus

  4. Hi Steve
    Thanks for the comments – I’m pleased you found the seminar useful.
    I think I offered a free pint if I used an unexplained acronym – and I’m afraid ‘mashup’ isn’t an acronym – but nice try :-)
    As described on Wikipedia a mashup is “a digital media file containing any or all of text, graphics, audio, video and animation drawn from pre-existing sources, to create a new derivative work“.

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