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Submissions to the IWMW 2007 Competition

Posted by Brian Kelly on 12 Jul 2007

I have commented previously that one of the innovations at this year’s Institutional Web Management Workshop (IWMW 2007) is the innovation competition.

The aim of the innovation competition is to provide an environment for participants (and other interested parties) to provide examples of lightweight innovations which may be of interest to workshop participants. We hope this will provide an opportunity for those who submit examples to benefit from the staff development his may provide and the feedback which may be received. We also hope that the examples which are provided will provide a context to stimulate discussion about the relevance of such work within an institutional context. Will the examples be sustainable, for example, and will they scale up to large scale usage? And what about the implications of copyright, data protection, etc.?

I’m pleased to say that, to date, we have received eleven submissions. In order to gain feedback from a wide audience and open up the discussions I will be posting a series of articles will a brief summary of the submissions and invite your comments.

Note also that we are still accepted submissions, so if you have something to contribute, please view the submission template and provide the relevant details (I suggest as a comment to this post in the master UK Web Focus blog). Please, though, do not simply submit an example of work you have already completed – this is unlikely to pass the “cool’ criteria! You should also note that the title is “innovation competition”. You do not necessarily have to submit a mashup, or even an IT solution. A witty solution, a joke, etc. might work – how about, for example, a pastiche of last year’s social event (featuring your’s truly).

5 Responses to “Submissions to the IWMW 2007 Competition”

  1. ah! I thought you’d stopped and I’d forgotten before! Maybe I’ll have a quick bash.

  2. […] Submissions to the IWMW 2007 Competition […]

  3. […] Submissions to the IWMW 2007 Competition […]

  4. Name and Affiliation
    Sebastian Rahtz
    Oxford University Computing Services
    Alternative course discovery using calendars and maps
    User Benefits
    People who want to attend Oxford University
    continuing education and computing service courses
    can find what they want to looking at a calendar
    or consulting a map, as well as the usual methods.
    Mostly simple XSL transformations from Atom RSS
    and XCRI records. The XCRI was scraped from
    web pages.
    Look, it’s cool to use standards, OK?
    Background to the Work
    This work is part of the ongoing JISC XCRI effort. We
    have a mini-project to look at XCRI for continuing
    education, and I wanted to show we could do more
    than just generate dull XML files.
    The code will be released under an OSS licence as part
    of the JISC work.

  5. ahndunk said

    Okey, I will post my submission soon!

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