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Blogging Masterclass at ILI 2007

Posted by Brian Kelly on 28 Aug 2007

Last month I mentioned that Kara Jones and myself will be running a blogging masterclass, the day before the start of the ILI 2007 conference.

We are about to finalise the materials for the workshop. We would  like to include various examples of uses of blogs within the library sector, including academic libraries, public libraries and national libraries. We would particularly welcome examples of the various ways in which blogs are being used, descriptions of any barriers you might have experienced (or may be experiencing) in setting up blogs and ways in which you may have addressed such barriers and approaches you have taken to ensuring your blog is sustainable.

Kara Jones introduces the blogging workshopMany thanks to Tom Roper for giving his  thoughts when I initially mentioned this masterclass.

And thanks to my co-facilitator, Kara Jones, for agreeing to provide a video  clip about the workshop session.  This video is available as a sidebar widget on this blog’s home page, using the Vod:Pod service and the Vod:Pod widget.

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2 Responses to “Blogging Masterclass at ILI 2007”

  1. Eddie Byrne said

    Brian, I have sent you an e-mail with info regarding my libraries use of blogs, I hope it is not too late and that it is of some use. I hope to attend the masterclass on the Sunday, see you then.

  2. Pete said

    Hi Brian,
    I see that my disclaimer is being used as part of the presentation. No problem with that :) Small detail though- my blog is a personal one, rather than a public library blog.
    Sorry if this is late- I only saw this via a link back to this entry in my WordPress stats!

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