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Using Your WiFi Network Whilst In Your Pyjamas

Posted by Brian Kelly on 4 Oct 2007

You have a WiFi network at home. You also have a mobile device which supports WIFi – perhaps a PDA or a mobile phone? How can you exploit these two technologies before you’ve set off to work?

I have started to get into the habit of, after getting up, switching on my mobile phone and refreshing the RSS feeds I’ve subscribed to. As I don’t intend to use my mobile for serious blog reading activities, I have subscribed to the RSS feeds for the comments for this blog. This enables me to spot if there any comments I need to respond to while I’m on this bus into work.

Am I unusual in using my network while I’m still in my pyjamas?

15 Responses to “Using Your WiFi Network Whilst In Your Pyjamas”

  1. That’s not the kind of mental image I want conjured up on a thursday afternoon in the Outer Hebrides!

    (Your post is also a bit confusing. Are you actually getting on the “bus into work” in your pyjamas? I remember Bath as being a bit of a liberal place, but that’s a bit much.)

  2. Nick Gibbins said

    Some of us use our domestic WiFi *before* we get out of bed in the morning.

    I haven’t yet graduated to using WiFi in the bath, unless streaming audio from the house media server during my ablutions counts.

  3. You can schedule the Nokia N95 to poll its list of podcasts at a set time each time. I get mine to go at 5am so that by the time I’m ready to go they’ve all downloaded.

  4. Hazel said

    What WiFi network? What pyjamas? Don’t have the first and only use the second when in hospital but that’s a different story.
    What’s the fuss about? Most bloggers I know regularly “deal with” things on the computer before breakfast and the likelihood is that getting dressed comes somewhat after that event. It certainly does in my household!

  5. Well I cannot possibly comment on whether or not you are unusual in networking in your pyjamas!

    I am woken up by the in-house mog at around 5.30-6.00 am. I stagger ca. 10 ft from the bedroom to my office, switch on the router, switch on the computer and them go downstairs to switch on hubby’s computer and make the tea, and more importantly feed the cat. By the time I arrive back upstairs my email and RSS feeds have been updated. I slurp my green tea, hubby slurps his black tea and we then both get to work.

    We do eventually dress appropriately for serious business communications!

  6. pollyalida said

    A very efficient use of time, as long as your not riding the bus in your pj’s! :-) I work from a home office, so the commute is short, the computer boots up while the coffee brews and the likelihood of my working in pj’s is quite high.

  7. Kara said

    Three words – Draw The Line! IMHO, it’s acceptable to work late, but not early!

  8. Pyjamas are soooo pre-Web.

  9. Brain in his pyjamas? More like web 2.noooooooooooooooooooo!

  10. “Am I unusual in using my network while I’m still in my pyjamas?”

    Brian – you are unusual, full stop.

  11. Forgot to mention that UK Web Focus blog gets a mention on the back page of this month’s IWR.

  12. Hi Roddy
    Yes, It was nice to read Sheila Webber’s column in which she mentions this blog as one she rerads.
    However I should point out that she didn’t mention pyjamas, so I think your comment, although valuable, has probably been posted in the wrong place. And you a librarian :-)

  13. Gary Smith said

    I get pretty much unlimited 3G on my N73 phone, so using “Mail for Exchange” and “Mobiz LiveFeeder” I get e-mail and RSS feeds to my phone so I can check for anything urgent as soon as I get out of bed and while waiting for the kettle to boil.

  14. […] Using Your WiFi Network Whilst In Your Pyjamas […]

  15. Maybe I could use your WiFi whilst still in my pyjamas?

    (don’t worry this is not a worrying proposition, it’s a cheap way of spreading the word about a free WiFi sharing system that I use.)

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