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We Are The Champions

Posted by Brian Kelly on 20 Oct 2007

I recently suggested that the English secretly prefer being failures, as we enjoy complaining about our failures and belittling the vulgarities of those who are successful, and that, while this is particularly true in the sporting field, in IT and Web development we find it easier to criticise successful services rather than to exploit their successes.

But on a day in which England have, against all the odds, succeeded in beating South Africa to become the Rugby Union World Cup champions, I think it is timely to revisit the successful Web services – and to draw some parallels with world champion sporting teams.

Apache is an obvious example. And Apache must be the Brazil of Web software: it’s the people’s champion and the favourite of the neutrals.

Microsoft, in contrast, has to be (from an English perspective, at least) Germany: dull, methodical, lacking in flair, but you just know that you mustn’t write them off, as they often do well.

As for Facebook, well this has been a real surprise over the past few years. Nobody expected it to do so well, but, in its own way, it has its admirers. Just like England’s rugby union team, I would suggest. And it is appropriate the England should be the holders of the Webb Ellis trophy :-)

Please note that if this post is appropriate, please read the post on Another One Bites The Dust! And if you have received this post in a blog aggregator or via email delivery and you find the master copy does not exist, that is because it has been deleted.

4 Responses to “We Are The Champions”

  1. Peter Cliff said


    I just wanted to see if I could post a comment in the parallel universe! :-)


  2. Hi Pete
    I was about to delete this post – but now you have read it and responded, I wonder whether this would be inappopriate.

  3. Peter Cliff said

    Good question! I don’t know. I guess it stands as an interesting example of the way you consider your blog posts in advance (and thus your blog is much better than most). Mind you, content wise, this is repeated and there really is no need to keep everything forever.

  4. Ian Watson said

    Hmm – you’ve got puzzling about an appropriate one for the Scotland football team. Plays rather well at times, brilliantly at others, but falls over at the simple tasks: MS Windows maybe …

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