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Come Into My Twitterverse

Posted by Brian Kelly on 27 Jun 2008

Some time ago I published a post entitled “Come Into My World” in which I described a Facebook application which could be used to visualise the links between your Facebook contacts. Recently, via a post on the Twitter Apps blog, I discovered a similar application, TweetWheel, which can be used to visualise the relationships between one’s Twitter followers – on, indeed, any Twitter user.

As can be seen in the accompanying image (or by viewing the live data) Matt Jukes is connected to many others of my Twitter followers, whereas the JISC Twitter ID is linked to only one of my followers and the Dulwichonline and RareEdge IDs are not being followed by any of my contacts.

Unlike Facebook, relationships in Twitter are, by default, open for everyone to view meaning anyone can make use of this tool, even if they don’t have a Twitter ID. I think that this is another tool which can be useful in helping to provide users with a visualisation of how they, or others, are using Twitter.

2 Responses to “Come Into My Twitterverse”

  1. Mark said

    It’s an interesting app. I just wonder how much use it will be.

    With replies down for a week on Twitter to stop the platform falling over yet again it seems more and more people are leaving it for Friendfeed….

  2. “whereas the JISC Twitter ID is linked to only one of my followers”
    Possibly because they are better at housekeeping than you :)

    I did follow the JISC ID, but since it hasn’t updated for 11 months I got rid of it when I did some following pruning a little while back.

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