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Ewan Mcintosh’s Talk At IWMW 2008

Posted by Brian Kelly on 25 Jul 2008

I’ve now back at work after a very tiring (not helped by train delays from Birmingham airport last night) but also very enjoyable IWMW 2008 event at the University of Aberdeen.

Myself and my fellow co-chair of IWMW 2008 read though the evaluation forms for the event on the plane last night.  We agree with the overwhelming positive comments which were made for Ewan Mcintosh’s plenary talk which closed this year’s event.  For those who weren’t at the event or had to leave early, a version of the talk Ewan gave at a conference in May 2008 is available on Slideshare, and is embedded (with audio commentary) below.

We will see if we can get a video of Ewan’s (longer) talk given at IWMW 2008, which will be embedded in the IWMW 2008 Web site.  [Note a streaming version of the talk is now available – added on 26 July 2008.]

I will be writing further posts about the IWMW 2008 event, but I felt it would be worth giving a speedy comments on Ewan’s talk as those who were stimulated by his talk may wish to sow their appreciating by voting for his blog in the Computer Weekly IT Blog Awards 2008 . And note that as Ewan’s blog has been shortlisted in the Public sector IT blogs category, the UK Web Focus blog, which has been shortlisted for the Web 2.0 and business blogs category, is (fortunately) not a competitor to me :-)   But hurry – as the deadline for votes in 31 July 2008.

2 Responses to “Ewan Mcintosh’s Talk At IWMW 2008”

  1. Ewan’s talk was excellent and a breath of fresh air for IWMW.

    It was great to hear someone talk about things beyond HE. Whilst I know Ewan had his learning and teaching hat on it was refreshing to hear real examples of how things are changing and what this means for us.

    I hope you can get the video as I’d like to show the rest of my team!

  2. A big +1 for Alison’s comment there. Commentary which reached beyond our sector whilst providing valuable insights into how we relate to our own audience was hugely valuable and his was easily the best talk of the conference.

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