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The Second Anniversary of the UK Web Focus Blog

Posted by Brian Kelly on 31 Oct 2008

The UK Web Focus blog was launched on 1st November 2006. Two years later I felt it would be worth keeping a note of some of the statistics for the blog.

There have been over  115,013 visits by 31st October 2008 and 1,971 comments on the 454 posts. The numbers of visitors grew steadily from the launch until March 2007. The numbers of visits then remained steady although there were two peaks in July and November 2007. However since June 2008 the traffic has started to increase again, with September 2008 being the busiest month ever. Of course, many blog readers will be aware that there are lies, dammed lies and blog statistics. So treat these figures with a pinch of salt!

Although the WordPress administrator’s interface provides statistics on the numbers of blog posts, comments and visits, it doesn’t provide any indication of the amount of content I’ve produced. So I thought I’d create a PDF of blog posts, partly to get a feel for the size but also for work I’m doing regarding various approaches to preserving the content of blogs (more of that in a subsequent post).

I created a backup copy of this blog and played with the themes in order to use a single column theme (although I couldn’t find a theme that used the full width of the screen). I then used the browsers Print function to create a PDF file which I then uploaded to Scribd. As you can see if you visit the page on Scribd or view the accompanying image, over a period of 1 year and 11 months I have created over 500 A4 pages, although this figure is slightly inaccurate due to the white space on the right hand side of the page and the embedded images which are displayed at full size (and this file was created on 3 October 2008).

I have found the process of using a blog for my reflective thinking really useful, and there are lots of ideas which I can now access which I would probably have forgotten if I hadn’t written them down. And having these thoughts exposed to a large readership has provided very valuable feedback, so thanks to everyone who has given their comments.

I also hope that as well as being valuable to me that you have found the blog useful and interesting to read :-)

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