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Posted by Brian Kelly on 26 Jan 2009

I’ve just noticed that on 13th January 2009 the UK Web Focus was included in’s list of the top growing blogs.

It’s been a while (over a year) since the blog was included in this list. I thought it would be interesting to see when the blog had been included in such daily lists.  It seems that provides a search interface for the blogs it hosts, and this helped my to find  record of the occasions when my blog was in the list of growing blogs. The details were:

There was also one occasion when a specific blog post was found to be one of the most widely read posts in a 24-hour period: the post on “UK Universities on Facebook” published on 9th November 2007.

These metrics may be of interest to those who feel that there  is a need for objective and measurable criteria for determining the effectiveness of blogs – although, as will as Web statistics, remember the mantra hat there are lies, dammed lies and Web statistics :-)


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