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The Live Video Streaming Of IWMW 2009

Posted by Brian Kelly on 17 August 2009

This year, once again, we provided a live video stream of the plenary talks at IWMW 2009, something we have been doing since IWMW 2006.

But how many people watched the live stream? Last year 160 remote viewers watched the final plenary talk given by Ewan McIntosh. The statistics provided by the University of Essex are not directly comparable, but indicate that there were about 50 viewers for Derek Law’s opening plenary talk with slightly larger numbers for the opening plenary talks on the second day of the event.

Location map of IWMW2009 video streaming viewersAs can be seen, a location map of the viewers has also been provided by the University of Essex. And clicking on the icons will provide further details on the numbers of viewers at the IP address together with the total time spent viewing the streaming video.

A good example of the global impact of the event? On an initial view of the map this would seem to be the case. But on further examination we can see that some of the views were only for a few seconds. For example the information for the viewer in Africa tells us that:

Kinshasa, Kinshasa, Congo, The Democratic Republic of the
1 hits (1 unique IPs), 0d0h0m12s total.

The 8 hits from Finland, which lasted for over 4 hours, appear to indicate a commitment to watching several of the talks (assuming the video wasn’t simply left on over lunch). But is there a viable business model for providing live video-streaming for such events? As the event was fully subscribed (as it has been for a number of years) we can argue that the live stream helps to maximise access and the impact of the talks, especially to the core target audience in the UK.  And the (apparent) popularity of the video stream in North America help to enhance the UK’s activities to a wider audience.

But perhaps the most important aspect of the video streaming have been the experiences we have gained in the delivery of ‘amplified events’.  The four years’ of video streaming of IWMW events have helped us to gain a better understanding of the best practices. And we have tried to summarise our experiences in a briefing paper on “Using Video at Events“.

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2 Responses to “The Live Video Streaming Of IWMW 2009”

  1. Hi Brian,
    I was wondering if there was any news about the IWMW2009 videos being made available to watch again yet…
    I’ve been looking forward to this since the event, but maybe I’ve missed an announcement and they’re available already?
    Chat soon,

  2. Hi Hector, We received the DVDs of the plenary talks a few days ago. We’re currently looking at how feasible it will be to make the talks (or some of the talks) available on the Web.

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