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Viewing a WordPress Blog on a Mobile Device

Posted by Brian Kelly on 26 Oct 2009

WordPress, in a post somewhat confusing entitled “The Hero Is In Your Pocket“,  have recently announced that they have “launch[ed] a couple of mobile themes that will automatically be displayed when your blog is accessed with a compatible mobile phone“.

Blog viewed on an iPod Touch mobile deviceThe new theme is now enabled by default on blogs, such as this one, which are hosted by And yes it does make blog posts much easier to read as the mobile interface has a less cluttered interface which, although unlikely to provide significant usability problems on a typical desktop computer, can be irritating on a mobile device, such as a iPhone or iPod Touch (which was used to capture the image of the blog which is illustrated).

Best of all is that this enhanced interface has been provided without the need for me to do anything – no software to be upgraded or new themes to install.

3 Responses to “Viewing a WordPress Blog on a Mobile Device”

  1. Ian Brodie said

    You know, I prefer the raw web displays on my iphone than these phone optimised ones.

    If I’m looking at my own sites, I can use it to quickly see what they look like to everyone else. If I’m reading others’ sites, I like to see the graphics & the layout.

    It kind of feels a bit retrograde after all the investment in a decent browser on the iphone to have a special simplified interface.


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  3. […] Viewing a WordPress Blog on a Mobile Device […]

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