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Understanding Disruptive Innovations: Your Input Needed

Posted by Brian Kelly on 1 Dec 2010

In a recent blog post CETIS Director Adam Cooper  asks “Whither innovation in educational institutions in these times of dramatic cuts in public spending and radical change in the student fees and funding arrangements for teaching in universities?“. The post goes on to suggest that that innovation follows adversity and that “necessity is the mother of invention” and introduces the term “disruptive innovation” to describe the way well-run businesses can be disrupted by newcomers with good-enough offerings that focus on core customer needs (low end disruption).

In order to better understand the potentially disruptive innovations (or opportunities to weather the storm) posed by the combination on technological developments and the changing economic and political climate, UKOLN and CETIS (JISC Innovation Support Centres which help to support and further the work of the JISC Innovation group)  are  using an feedback tool to gather and allow ranking of such innovations. The tool asks the question:

Which ICT-based innovations are potentially disruptive to current models of higher education (forms of teaching, assessment, course structure, estate, research and research management, student management, etc…)?”

This feedback tool will be available until 10 December. We invite your participation – and feel free to disseminate the URL ( to others.

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