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UKOLN Seminar on Elluminate Open to All

Posted by Brian Kelly on 28 Jan 2011

Background to UKOLN’s Seminars

UKOLN has been running a seminar programme for many years.  The seminar programme was set up initially to provide a means for UKOLN staff to keep up-to-date with developments in the digital library environment.  Over the years we have had many leading lights from the global digital information environment have spoken at UKOLN seminars. Last year this included:

  • Mackenzie Smith, Associate Director for Technology at MIT Libraries, who gave a talk entitled “ Data Governance and the Creative Commons: Keeping Data Open and Interoperable at Web-Scale“.
  • Dr Andrew Treloar is the Director of Technology for the Australian National Data Service (ANDS), who gave a talk entitled  “Providing services to support data discovery and re-use: the role of the Australian National Data Service“.
  • Ann Borda of the Victorian eResearch Initiative (VeRSI) in Melbourne, Australia who described the work of her host institution and related activities in Australia.
  • Dorothea Salo, University of Wisconsin-Madison who gave a talk entitled “Grab a bucket — it’s raining data!”.
  • Dr David Wallom is the Technical Manager of the Oxford e-Research Centre, who gave a talk entitled “ Cloud and using IaaS cloud within the FLeSSR and NGS“.

In addition to these seminars on emerging developments we have also included seminars which provide an opportunity for staff to update their skills update, most recently Nitin Parmar, Learning Technologist, Learning & Teaching Enhancement Office here at the University of Bath described use of the Panopto lecture capture system.

Widening Access to Our Seminars

As part of a culture of openness and maximising access to valuable resources we aim to open up access to UKOLN seminars more widely in the future.  The seminars will normally be open to all members of staff at the University of Bath.  In addition we will also seek to record and possibly live stream the seminars, provided the speakers are happy with this and the technical infrastructure and support is available.  Note that as we appreciate that speakers may be reluctant for their talks to be recorded as it could, for example, inhibit discussions we do not intend to pressurise speakers into allowing their talks to be made publicly available.

Seminar on ‘Elluminate Live!’

The first seminar this year will provide  details on the ‘Elluminate Live!’ software which is available at the University of Bath. The seminar will be given by Julian Prior of the University of Bath e-learning team who, as can be seen from his blog, provides advice and support on use of e-elearning tools.  The abstract for the session is given below:

This session will explore the current use of the web conferencing software ‘Elluminate Live!’ at the University of Bath. After examining the growth of synchronous online solutions in the context of recent work on the amplification of events and the push towards sustainability in HE, we will examine the functionality of the software and discuss a range of usage scenarios. The session will also cover best practices in using the software as well as considering alternatives to Elluminate including the open source ‘Big Blue Button’.

An Elluminate room will be available during the session for any remote participants who wish to attend the seminar online.

It is clearly appropriate that the Elluminate system itself will be used to provide access to a remote audience.  If you would like to attend the online seminar you will need to provide your email address on a Google Spreadsheet form so that access information can be provided.  Please note that unfortunately it will not be possible to provide any technical support. However,  as described in a post on the JISC Advance blog the Elluminate Web site contains useful guides and tutorials on using Elluminate. Remote participants should test their setup in advance.

For those who wish to attend the event in the Library at the University of Bath you should complete the online booking form.  Please note that due to the size of the room there will be room for only 10-15 participants besides UKOLN staff.

Timeliness of this Session

An hour ago I received an email about the “JISC GRANT FUNDING 4/08: E-LEARNING PROGRAMME Learning and Teaching Innovation Grants (Round 6)“. The accompanying documentation stated that:

A briefing event will be held online via Elluminate on Tuesday 22 February 2011 at 2pm. The participant link for this is are strongly encouraged to attend this briefing, although a recording will be made available after the event (link for recording:

Since we are increasingly seeing JISC make use of Elluminate for meetings related to its calls, those who are interested in submitting proposals to JISC who are unfamiliar with Elluminate might find that the seminar provides a timely opportunity to try out this online meeting service.

8 Responses to “UKOLN Seminar on Elluminate Open to All”

  1. Jez Cope said

    Brian, thanks for opening this event up to us non-UKOLNers! Is this to continue for future seminars? It was useful to get a picture of how other users at Bath are using Elluminate and I imagine future events may have a similar relevance. Plus, it would help to spread the word about UKOLN’s good work within the university itself.


    • Thanks for the comment – I’m pleased you found the seminar useful.

      We do intend to make the UKOLN Seminars open to others wherever possible. There will be an announcement of the next seminar shortly.

  2. mattlingard said

    Hi Brian, only just spotted this. is the recording available to view?


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