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Resources from Andrew Treloar’s Seminar on Data Management

Posted by Brian Kelly on 1 Apr 2011

Data Management: International Challenges, National Infrastructure and Institutional Responses – an Australian Perspective on Data Management

Earlier today UKOLN hosted a seminar entitled “Data Management: International Challenges, National Infrastructure and Institutional Responses – an Australian Perspective on Data Management” which was given by Dr Andrew Treloar, Director of Technology for the Australian National Data Service (ANDS).

As part of our policy on widening access to our seminars as well as those physically present at the seminar we also provided a live video stream of Andrew talk’s (using the Bambuser video streaming service), together with an accompanying stream of the PowerPoint slides (provided using the Broadcast feature in MS PowerPoint 2010).

For those who could not attend this amplified seminar we are pleased to announced that recordings of the talk is now available. Due to some technical problems these are available in three parts:

In addition the slides used are also available on Slideshare and are embedded below.

Reflections on the Video Streaming

I’m a believer in the maxim that “all bugs are shallow to many eyes“. I also feel that one can learn from mistakes that others make.  In order to share help other learn from my experiences I’ll describe the approaches taken and summarise ways I improvements I plan to make for future amplified events.

The intention to provide a live video stream of the seminar was announced well in advance and we used EventBrite in order to get an indication of possible numbers of remote participants. We contacted the people in advance in order to inform them of the technologies we would be using. We also asked where they were based and discovered one remote participant was based in Melbourne, Australia.

The video stream went live about 40 minutes before the start of the seminar in order to test sound levels, position of Webcam, etc.  I used a RocketFish Webcam on a Macbook Air laptop – and was informed that the autofocussing was slightly distracting if I moved around too much.

Information about the live steaming was announced on Twitter and the #ukolnseminar tag was used to help identify relevant tweets.  An additional chat channel was created on Chatzy which was provided in case of problems with the chat facility in Bambuser (and it turned out that this facility was used when the video stream connection went down.

My colleague Marieke Guy viewed the seminar remotely and kept me informed of how things were working from her perspective.  Marieke also capture a screen image of her computer which is available on Flickr and shown here.

The display shows the live video stream created using Bambuser, the streamed PowerPoint slides together with the Chatzy chat room on the bottom left and a tweet on the top right.

It should be noted that the Bambuser video stream appeared to lose connection on a couple of occasions and the video stream had to be restarted.

Afterwards Marieke provided the following summary based on her experiences:

  • The sound of typing from the computer used for the stream can be distracting.
  • Alerts from TweetDeck can also be distracting.
  • Sharing the  URL for the live video stream can cause confusions if the stream is restarted – it might be better to give the URL of the channel rather than a specific video stream/
  • It can be confusing having displays of the PowerPoint slides, a video stream, a chat facility and a Twitter client open simultaneously.
  • There was a time lag on video so the display of the PowerPoint slides were slightly out of synch with the audio and video (althpugh this was not a significant problem).
  • The hyperlinks provided in MS PowerPoint were helpful and could be used from the streamed view of the slides.
  • The multiple chat facilities on Bambuser and on Chatzy were confusing. There is a need to be clear if there is a preferred channel and what its purpose is.
  • There is a need to be clear on how remote participants should ask questions.
  • Bambuser can be a bit flaky – the video stream disconnected several times.
  • It is sometime unclear if you are watching a live video stream or a recording.
  • With so much happening it can be hard to concentrate on actual content.
  • It would be useful to be able to show a live demonstration to the remote audience.
  • Questions raised during the talk should be repeated so that the remote audience can hear.

This feedback has been very useful and will help to inform the approaches we will take for future amplified events.  Do others have additional comments or suggestions?

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