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JISC Funding to Enhance Access to UK University Web Sites

Posted by Brian Kelly on 21 Oct 2011

Yesterday’s blog post asked “Are University Web Sites In Decline?“. Although some anecdotal evidence suggests that in a number of cases this may not be the case, it is also true that there is increasing competition for ‘eyeballs’, with many organisations being prepared to invest resources for search engine optimisation and related techniques in order to maximise traffic to Web sites.

The JISC is looking to enhance the visibility of Web sites within the domain. JISC  inviting those working in the provision of institutional Web sites  to consider bidding for participation in a community of projects that will enhance your web site to make Web site resources more easily found. These projects will innovate around the “JISCLINKU” Toolkit  product which is currently under development which will help to exploit the benefits provided by a variety of linking and related strategies. Funded projects will beta test and advance the JISCLINKU Toolkit and help make it ready for use across the wider sector for the start of the next academic year (2012-13).  A key institutional driver for this work will be raising the visibility of institutional Web sites to attract the intake of new fee-paying students.

Bids are due by noon on the 21st November 2011. The successful projects would be expected to start in as part of the community work in February 2012.

The official call is available on the JISC web site which includes bidding template and marking criteria. In addition a shortened (un-official) version is at the link below so you can easily get an overview of what will be expected of prospective projects:

If there are further questions, ideas or intentions for how you can be part of this innovative community of project please contact David F. Flanders (JISC Programme Manager), / mob: 07891 50 1194 / skype: david.flanders

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