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UK Web Focus Blog Short-listed for Social Media Award

Posted by Brian Kelly on 16 Nov 2011

The Computer Weekly Social Media Awards

I’m pleased to say that the UK Web Focus blog has been short-listed for the Computer Weekly Social Media Awards. The blog has been nominated for the IT Professional blogger of the year category which is “for blogs that detail an individual perspective, not a company line, of life in the IT profession“. There are eleven blogs nominated for this category:

All of these blogs, which are summarised on the Computer Weekly Web site, seem to be provided by IT professionals who care  about their work and are willing to share their thoughts, opinions and convictions with others. So why not use your opportunity to vote in these awards.  If you’d like to vote for a blog provided for the higher education sector, this blog might be the obvious one to vote for :-).

About The UK Web Focus Blog

If you haven’t come across this blog before I’ll provide a brief summary about the blog.

  • The blog was launched just over 5 years ago, on 1 November 2006.
  • Since the blog was launched there have been 991 posts published, an average of 3.8 posts per week (which includes a number of guest posts).
  • The blog author is Brian Kelly, who works for UKOLN’s Innovation Support Centre based at the University of Bath.  The UKOLN ISC is funded by the JISC and helps to support innovation within the UK’s higher and further education sector.
  • The blog addresses Web innovations and related ways in which networked services can be exploited across the sector.
  • In addition to covering Web developments, another important aspect of this blog is the commitment to openness as a way of helping embed innovation and best practices.
  • Blog posts are available under a Creative Commons licence – and slides hosted on Slideshare are also available under a similar licence.
  • In addition to publishing on this blog, Brian has also written over 50 peer-reviewed papers. Since the blog was launched many of the ideas, related to areas such as Web accessibility and Web preservation, have initially been published on this blog, encouraging feedback on the ideas before they are published in a peer-reviewed journal.
  • Writing so many posts means that errors are sometimes published. Blogs posts may well contain typos – the most embarrassing was probably the time I write about a “pee-reviewed papers“! But in addition to such typos, there may also be factual errors. But since all posts are open to comments, factual errors can be reported and posts corrected.
  • Surveys which have sought readers’ feedback on the blog have been published most years, such as this summary of an Analysis of the 2010 Survey of UK Web Focus Blog.

If you’ve found content published on this blog of interest I hope you will consider voting for this blog.  If the blog wins the award I will use this as an opportunity to promote the core values which underpin  many of the posts which I’ve published:  a combination of technical innovation and openness can help to enhance teaching and learning and research across the higher & further education sector.

One again, here is the link to the voting form. Please consider voting, it only takes a few seconds to check my name and it could make all the difference… Voting closes on 25 November, please vote now!

2 Responses to “UK Web Focus Blog Short-listed for Social Media Award”

  1. Voted for you and noone else on the form, as it did not even link to their blogs.

  2. […] for the significant number of visits to the Computer Weekly Web site is simple: they will have read the post in which I announced that this blog had been short-listed for the Computer Weekly’s I….  Since I was the runner-up I know that large numbers must have followed the link and voted for […]

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