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Earlier Today I Got Married!

Posted by Brian Kelly on 4 Aug 2014

wedding: brian and nicola kellyEarlier today I got married at the Bath Register Office :-). Nicola McNee is now Nicola Kelly

I use this blog for posts primarily related to my work activities but as today is a very special day I feel I can break this rule. However there are aspects of our relationship which overlap with my work interests. If anyone questions the value of Twitter I am now able to say that I met my wife on Twitter :-). This was on the 29th April 2009 when I gave a talk at CILIP HQ on “The Social Web and the Information Professional: Risks and Opportunities“. Phil Bradley had invited me to take part in a discussion on whether CILIP should encourage librarians and information professionals to make use of social media. A certain school librarian with the Twitter ID @nicolamcnee took part on the Twitter discussions on the day. Dave Patten (@daveyp) had created an archive of the #cilip2 tweets and from the archive I found her first tweet:

I’m getting excited about #cilip2 this afternoon. Hope the twittering is good

and her first tweet to me:

@briankelly Go brian we’re right behind you..literally on the wall I believe during the open session #cilip2

Nicola was one of the main event Twitterers for the #CILIP2 event. According to my Twitter archive it seems that it was about 6 weeks later when we went for a drink (not, however, an intimate tête-à-tête but rather a meeting with geeks from UKOLN and Eduserv at the Raven pub:

@NicolaMcNee There was recent discussion about how museums might circumvent council barriers. Let’s plan the revolution down The Raven!

Although we met up from time to time after that it wasn’t until October 2010 when we first started going out. And it was at a geeks event when we first got together! We had agreed to run a session on “Sixty Minutes To Save Libraries”: Gathering Evidence to Demonstrate Library Services’ Impact and Value at the Mashed Library 2010 event. We met at The Raven on the Saturday night; talk part in the various events on the Saturday and, in the evening, went for a drink in the Coeur de Lion, Bath’s smallest pub. “Shall we ‘go out’?” I asked in the pub. Nicola said “yes” but was probably surprised by my follow-up question: “Can we official start going out tomorrow?” My reason was that the following day it would be 1 November, a date which would be easier for me to remember on subsequent anniversaries. I was clearly thinking for the long term.

We discovered that we not only had shared interests in use of online technologies but also in folk music, rapper sword dancing, real ale and real pubs – I’ve already mentioned he Raven and The Coeur de Lion, but in addition we also used to watch live music at The Bell on Monday and Wednesday nights and spend Friday night’s in our favourite pub, The Star.

And now we’re married :-) We’ll shortly we heading off to the south coast and will be popping into to Sidmouth Folk Festival where we’ll having a party on Wednesday lunch with the Newcastle Kingsmen and other friends and family. If you’re around feel free to come along. Myself and the missus would love to see you.

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19 Responses to “Earlier Today I Got Married!”

  1. Very many congratulations to you both. That’s lovely news to hear, and you make a great couple. Really chuffed for you both. :) :) :)

  2. Thanks Phil. As you invited me to speak at the CILIP2 event, you were responsible for myself and Nicola meeting. I’ll buy you a pint when we next meet.

  3. dkernohan said

    Wow! Congratulations Brian and to Nicola – Mrs Kelly!

  4. Aaron Tay said

    Great news! Congrats to you both!

  5. jPodcaster said

    All I can say is I hope Nicola has a better taste in football than you Brian … Seriously, very many congratulations to you both.

  6. Tracey Madden said

    Great news – many congratulations!

  7. garygre said

    Congratulations to you both, Brian and Nicola. :-)

  8. gemstest said

    lovely story – congratulations!

  9. Congratulations Brian and Nicola!

  10. Barbara Band said

    Congratulations to you both …. fantastic news! :-)

  11. If there’s not a wedding selfie, I’m going to be disappointed :-) Congratulations to you both.

  12. Great news!!! Congrats from Catalonia to you both, Brian! :-D

  13. Hildegard said

    That is really nice to hear Brian! And you look really happy! Congratulations both of you! And a very very happy future! :) :)

  14. Helen Heyes said

    Congratulations to you both and glad you shared the news :)

  15. janholmquist said

    Congrats – and all the best wishes for the both of you….

  16. AJ Cann said


  17. Congratulations! I hope you have many years of happiness together.

  18. Congratulations Brian!! Best wishes! A nice story!

  19. […] – my wife (who is now also my business partner) are regarding this as a belated honeymoon (we got married last August but just had a brief visit to Sidmouth Folk Festival) as well as opportunity to recharge our […]

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