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LinkedIn for Higher Education

Posted by Brian Kelly on 29 Jun 2015

LinkedIn For Web Professions

LinkedIn-for-higher-educationMany web and digital marketing professionals will have their own LinkedIn profiles. My initial use of LinkedIn was to provide my list of professional contacts, which would be updated as my contacts maintained and developing their profile pages. LinkedIn, I found, was particularly useful in finding out when people changed their jobs or roles.

LinkedIn has developed from a simple professional contacts service and provides additional communications and discussion tools such as the discussion groups for UK HE Web ProfessionalsDigital Libraries, Digital Preservation, Higher Education Marketing & Communications, Web 2.0 for Higher Education, Web accessibility and Web standards which I subscribe to.

But in addition to the value which LinkedIn can provide for web professionals, LinkedIn also seems to have an important role for universities.

LinkedIn For Higher Education

The 'youniversity' page on LinkedInThe ‘Youniversity‘ page on LinkedIn could well be an information resource for potential students and, therefore, for those with responsibilities for attracting such students, managing the content and engaging in discussions on the services the potential students may visit.

Looking at the University Finder it seems that if I wish to study Computer and Information Science in the UK the most popular universities are the Open University, the University of Manchester, the University of Hertfordshire, Staffordshire University, Kingston University and Sheffield Hallam University. Incidentally it appears that the order is based on the number of ‘likes’ from alumni – so if you want to raise the visibility of your institution on this list you may wish to think of ways of getting current and former students to like the LinkedIn page – encouraging graduates to do this during degree ceremonies, perhaps?

edge hill university: Linkedin-pageI’m sure that digital marketing staff will look at the LinkedIn page for their institution and their peers.

Looking at the entry for Edge Hill University, the location for the IWMW 2015 event, as shown it contains factual information about the institution and details of the careers of the alumni, with additional pages providing access to the LinkedIn profile for the, in this case 8,259, alumni, notable alumni and recommendations about the institution.

Find Out More

The LinkedIn for Higher Education web site provides access to a “resource center has customizable presentations, videos, tip sheets for students, and more“.

A video, lasting for 3 minutes 36 seconds, on LinkedIn for Higher Education is embedded below which provides a brief overview.

Finally I should mention the plenary talk on “LinkedIn for Higher Education – How Universities Can Leverage LinkedIn to Engage Future, Current and Past Students ” which will be given by Charles Hardy, LinkedIn at IWMW 2015, the annual Institutional Web Management Workshop which this year takes place at Edge Hill University on 27-29 July. There is still time to book your place, learn about “LinkedIn has developed a number of features specifically for Higher Education institutions, blending career data insights with people and brand” – and much more!

LinkedIn for Higher Education, video:

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One Response to “LinkedIn for Higher Education”

  1. Thanks for the overview of the LinkedIn Education ecosystem Brian.
    Every university has a (free) site on LinkedIn, where they can market and communicate with their community of students/alumni.
    All members who indicate in their LinkedIn profile that they are studying/ did study at a particular institution, are automatically “following” and also included in the data set.
    Re your reference to the “University Finder” tool above – the order of the universities suggested (based on country/course/employers selected) is based purely on numbers of alumni who match the criteria.
    The incentive from LinkedIn – have your Faculties work with Career Services and Alumni Relations to get your students and alumni on LinkedIn, connected to each other and the institution, building a long-term community that simultaneously helps your employability, your data insights, and your brand.

    I look forward to speaking and meeting you at the IWMW event at the end of July.

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