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IWMW 2017: The Workshops and Master Classes

Posted by Brian Kelly on 30 May 2017

IWMW 2017

A recent post published on this blog summarised the plenary sessions at the IWMW 2017 event which will be held at the University of Kent on 11-13 July. The theme of this year’s event, the 21st Institutional Web Management Workshop event, is “It’s The End Of The Institution As We Know It (And We Feel Fine)“.

The Plenary Talks

The plenary talks provide an opportunity to hear about how institutions are responding to the significant challenges currently facing the higher education sector (in the opening session on “The End Of The World?“); learning from how institutions are addressing governance issues (in the session on “We Feel Fine (Governance Issues)“) and from the development of tools and use of technologies (in the session on “We Feel Fine (Tools and Technologies)“); the importance of understanding our user experiences (in the session on “We Feel Fine (Understanding Our Users)“); working with organisations from beyond the HE community (in the session on “We Feel Fine (Working With The Wider Sector) ” and, in the final session on “We Feel Fine (The Core Community)” revising approaches to support the core communities of academics, students and web providers.

However those who find active participation in events a more effective way of learning new professional development skills and consolidating existing practices will appreciate the workshop sessions and master classes at the event.

Workshop Sessions

There will be a total of 12 workshop sessions, which will last for 90 minutes. Participants will be able to attend one of the workshop sessions.

Six of the workshops cover core activities for those providing web and other digital services including User Testing – A Toolkit; Creat[ing] Effective Content Quickly With Pair Writing; Making Web and Digital Work For Your Students; A Practical Guide to How We Built a Self-Documenting Digital how to buy antibiotics in japan Pattern Library; Reviving the University of Kent Online Brand and Web 101.

Another three of the workshops cover new areas and innovative technologies: Marketing Open Research: Social Media and Quantitative Metrics; The Sixty Minute (Data Dashboard) Makeover – in 1 hour 30 minutes! and Open Campus – Using Virtual Tours to Engage With ALL Your Audiences.

Finally three workshops provide opportunities for learning from the wider community with sessions facilitated by those who work outside higher educational institutions: EA (Enterprise Architecture) in an Agile Context; Data: The Most Untapped Resource in your Student Retention Strategy and How To Be A Productivity Ninja.

Master Classes

The master classes were introduced at IWMW 2015 and, due to popular demand, were repeated at IWMW 2016. The master classes provide additional time to address a subject area of relevance to those with responsibilities for managing institutional web services and other digital channels. This year there will be a total of 9 master classes, which will last for 2.5 hours. Participants will be able to attend one of the master class sessions.

The titles of this year’s master classes are:

Booking Your Place

Attendance at the IWMW 2017 event costs £400 which includes two night’s accommodation, attendance at talks and parallel sessions, the conference dinner, a social event and teas and coffees. Please visit the registration page to book your place.

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