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Top 10 must visit conferences in Europe for digital professionals

Posted by Brian Kelly on 30 Nov 2017

A  post was published on the IWMW blog a few days ago summarising “Other Events of Interest to the Web and Digital Management Community“. The purpose of the post was to “to identify ways in which we can improve future IWMW events [by] surveying similar events aimed at the web and digital communities“. The survey included the two main conferences for US web professionals working in the higher educations sector (HigEdWeb and Eduweb), UCISA and ALT-C conferences for IT and learning professionals in the UK higher education sector, together with the Jisc Digital Festival and the J.Boye conference, as well as one-day events organised by Universities UK and CIM.

The day after publishing the post I received a message which alerted me to a post on “Top 10 must visit conferences in Europe for digital professionals” which had been published a couple of weeks ago on the Buyer’s Guide to Web Projects. The posted listed the “Top 5 web design and development focused conferences in Europe” (Web Summit to be held in Finland; Awwwards conference to be held in Berlin; J. Boye Aarhus to be held in Aarhus, Denmark; the Generate conference to be held in London and UXDX to be held in Dublin ) followed by the “Top 5 web inspirational choices for web professionals” (Slush to be held in Helsinki; Tech Open Air to be held in Berlin; OFFF BarcelonaMobile UX London and Mind the Product London).

Following that list two further special recommendations were given which featured IWMW 2018 in first place!

The publication of this special recommendation is very timely, as we are currently finalising plans for the announcement of the call for submissions for the IWMW 2018 event.

The preparatory work for the call, which also covers the theme for next year’s event, is being carried out by one of the project teams which comprises members of the IWMW 2018 Advisory Group.

One aspect of the project team’s work is to gather feedback from the community on topics they would like to see covered at the event and on the format of the event. In order to gather such feedback an IWMW 2018 channel has been created on the HE-digital Slack group (note if you’ve no registered for this service you can do so using the HE Digital subscription interface).  We encourage you to join in the discussion!



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