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Preparing for Tomorrow’s World

Title: Preparing for Tomorrow’s World: Helping University Information Services Respond to Technological, Economic and Political Change

Speaker: Brian Kelly

Date and time: From 11.30-13.00 on 24 June 2014

Venue: Brighton University

Target audience: Brighton University IT Services/Library staff.


Which emerging technologies are likely to enhance  working practices and the student experience, and which can we afford to ignore? How do we distinguish between invention, innovation and improvement?

Brian Kelly will lead discussions on key development areas and how we can respond to them. You will have the opportunity to use a methodology, which has been used by Cetis and UKOLN to ensure that institutions can gather evidence on new technologies in a systematic way, identify trends and plan for the future.

Similar workshops

This event  was the third in a series of workshops on identifying and planning for future technological developments which were held in June 2014. See also “Let’s Predict the Future!” (held at the SAOIM 2014 conference in Pretoria on 3 June) and “Preparing For The Future” held at the ELAG 2014 conference in Bath on 11-12 June).


The slides are available on Slideshare and embedded below.

In addition a backup copy of the slides is also available on Authorstream.

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  1. […] Supporting processes for predicting and planning for future technological developments, along the lines of the full-day workshops delivered at the SAOIM, ELAG and ILI conferences and for library and information services at at the University of Brighton. […]

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