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Using Social Media to Build Your Academic Career

Title: Using Social Media to Build Your Academic Career

Speaker: Brian Kelly

Event details: A symposium on “How to Build an Academic Career” for the five Flemish universities.

Date and time: Thursday, 11 September 2014

Session details: A 25 minute talk from 13.45-14.15.

Venue: Maria Baers Auditorium, Brussels

Audience: The workshop participants (about 60-100) will mostly be late phase PhD students and postdocs in Life Sciences but there will always be some few senior scientists.


In this presentation Brian Kelly, the Innovation Advocate at Cetis, University of Bolton, UK will summarise the benefits which can be gained from use of social media to support research activities. The presentation is based on personal experiences in using social media in three areas which are important for researchers:  (1) engaging with fellow researchers in order to receive feedback and exchange ideas on one’s research; (2) developing one’s professional network by meeting potential new collaborators, co-authors and funders and (3) enhancing awareness and impact of one’s research. Brian will also describe use of metrics which can provide evidence of the effectiveness of these approaches.


The slides are available on Slideshare and embedded below.

In addition a backup copy of the slides is available on Authorstream.

Note that the talk is based on ideas described in a paper on “Using Social Media to Enhance Your Research Activities“.

A blog post which complements the presentation will be published shortly (on 11 September 2014).


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