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Blog Practices

The following posts have been published on the UK Web Focus on best practices for blogging.

Summary: The 13 posts published between December 2009 and September 2012 gave examples of best practices for providing blogs including suggestions based on personal experiences and evidence.

One Response to “Blog Practices”

  1. […] But although the writing style of blogs is often conversational in tone, I don’t agree that blog posts cannot also be self-standing. I realised this recently after a conversation with Amber Thomas who was preparing a talk on use of Wikipedia in a higher education context, which she gave last week at the Eduwiki conference. In the discussion I gave Amber some examples of use of Wikipedia in a research context, based on posts I’d written on How Can We Assess the Impact and ROI of Contributions to Wikipedia? (published on 27 September 2010) and How Well-Read Are Technical Wikipedia Articles? (published in 8 July 2010). Since I realised that I might have a need to be able to find such articles again in the future, I created a page on this blog on the Importance of Wikipedia which contained links to posts on this subject. I subsequently created a number of other pages providing links to posts which should be self-standing, in areas including Web Accessibility, standards and blog practices. […]

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