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RSS – More Than Just News Feeds

Title: RSS – More Than Just News Feeds

Authors: Kelly, B.

Conference:  ICHIM 2005


Kelly, B. RSS – More Than Just News Feeds, Kelly, B. New Review of Information Networking, Vol. 11, No. 2, (2005) ISSN 1361-4576 print/1740-7869 online/0219./09 © 2005 Taylor & Francis DOI: 10.1080/13614570600573425


RSS is a simple lightweight format which was originally used for news alerts and content syndication. It is now being used in a wide range of applications. This paper describes the background to RSS and describes the various ways in which RSS can be used. Examples are provided of the ways in which RSS can be viewed and the variety of approaches for creating RSS. The paper argues that, although there is still confusion over the different types of RSS standards, the format is an essential for use in digital library services.





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