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CRIG Teleconference Chats On ‘Repositories And Other Services’

Posted by Brian Kelly on 6 Dec 2007

I recently took part in one of a series of teleconference chats organised by the JISC-funded CRIG (Common Repository Interfaces Working Group) project.

The project organised a day of tele-conferences on 8th November 2007. The aim of the day was to facilitate a “discussion between members on how repositories might be improved (bluesky thinking)“. A recording of the discussions is available from the DigRep wiki. In addition, the project team created a series of mindmaps which helped to visualise the topics covered in the seven areas covered during the day.

I took part on the final discussion of the day which looked at other services which may interface with repositories, with a particular focus on the role of externally-hosted Web 2.0 services. The mindmap for this session is shown below.

Mindmap of discussions
(Click for larger display).

The discussions revolved around the in-house development vs. use of Web 2.0 services which are a recurring topic of discussion. I did, however, find that the visualisation of the discussions provided me with the opportunity to revisit these issues from a different perspective. I’ll have to have another look at mindmapping tools, I think.  And reading Mike Ellis’s post on Good web apps: Back of postage stamp… it would seem that MindMeister should be the first tool for me to look at.

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