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My Plenary Talk at the #UIMPUni20 Event in Santander

Posted by Brian Kelly on 8 Sep 2010

This morning I gave an invited plenary talk on “Embedding and Sustaining University 2.0” at the “University 2.0: the Extended University conference” which was held at UIMP (Universidad Internacional Menéndez Pelayo) in Santander, Spain.  The talk was listed in the programme as lasting from 09.30-11.30 – and two hours is far too long for a talk!  I discovered that the timetable hadn´t included a 30 minute break for coffee, so not as bad as I had initially feared but still a long time.  However as I was an invited speaker I had prepared a talk for that time, with the intention of having breaks for audience participation, but sufficient content if I discovered the audience was not willing to engage.  Fortunately the audience was very lively and, despite that fact that quite a number didn´t understand English  the various exercises I used in the session, including the virtual Twitter exercise, seemed to go down well.

As well as talking on the sustainability challenges on use of Web 2.0 in higher education I tried to adopt a Web 2.0 approach to the talk itself. This included an on-the-fly use of Elluminate in order to provide a streaming video service for non-Spanish speakers, who could access the official UIMP-TV video stream. My thanks to Steve Hargadon for facilitating this use of Elluminate (whoch seems to have progressed significantly since I used it a few years ago) and Kirsty Pitkin who, once again, acted as a remote event amplifier, this time using a new application for her.

My colleague Marieke Guy also participated in the latter part of the talk and has provide a summary in a post on Amplifying Events from Santander.

The final session of the conference is about to start so I´ll leave my reflections on the conference itself to another post. The slides I used in the talk are available on Slideshare and embedded below. I will add a link to a recording of the video once it becomes available. But I´d like to conclude by thanking the event organisers, the participants and Kirsty Pitkin, Martin Hawksey and Marieke Guy for their help in ensuring that my talk, which initially I was rather apprehensive about, went down so well.

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