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Data Available For IWMW 2007 Competition

Posted by Brian Kelly on 30 May 2007

This year’s Institutional Web Management Workshop (IWMW 2007), the eleventh in the series, will be held at the University of York on 16-18th July. We always aim to make this event, which is aimed at members of institutional Web management teams, very participative in nature with an emphasis on the workshop sessions, discussion groups, debates, etc. with the plenary talks providing a shared context for the event.

This year we are extending the participative aspect  of the workshop by inviting workshop delegates to take part in an innovation competition.  Submissions to the competition should be user-focussed, lightweight and ‘cool’ – we hope the competition will provide an opportunity to try out some of the lightweight Web 2.0 services in a friendly, informal environment.

In order to provide some data which can be used in the competition (although there is no requirement to use this data) we have provided a number of RSS feeds related to the IWMW events.  This includes the news feeds for recent events, syndicated content of the various sessions for the last three years, blog postings for last year’s event, the location of all eleven of the events and details of the plenary speakers at all of the events.

In order to illustrate how this data can be used, we have a map showing the location of this year’s plenary speakers. A better picture of the geographical spread of the speakers at all eleven of the events can be seen from the map showing the location of HE institutions of the speakers since 1997.

The RSS feed contains the speakers’ names and biographical details, the location of their host institution and the date on which they spoke, with the ACME GeoRSS Map Viewer service processing the data.

Anybody fancy doing anything else with the data? A tag cloud, perhaps, or even using the date field (which I’ve not used) to show the distribution for different years. Or even, if you’re feeling adventurous, a timeline based on the data.


4 Responses to “Data Available For IWMW 2007 Competition”

  1. Tim Beadle said


    Have you seen Timeline from MIT?

  2. Hi Tim
    Yes, I was thinking about use of Timeline.
    I have created a IWMW timeline file and tweaked the Timeline JavaScript, which has enabled me to create the IWMW timeline.
    However the software doesn’t work if I include the full set of data, so I have commented out most of the data. This is because I’m not a JavaScript programmer. If anyone would like to create a version that works, and possibly with increased functionality, that would be appreciated.

  3. suggests that there’s hCalendar markup on the iwmw2007 site but I can’t find any. Is there any time/date data available about the actual presentations, plenaries etc.? It doesn’t seem to be in the appropriate RSS feeds either.

  4. […] by Brian Kelly (UK Web Focus) on July 12th, 2007 In response to a post in which I announced that Data Available For IWMW 2007 Competition I received a comment from Tim Beadle (a Web developer in Bath) who suggested I look at Timeline […]

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