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Preparing Our Users For Digital Life Beyond The Institution

Title: Preparing Our Users For Digital Life Beyond The Institution

Speaker: Brian Kelly

Event details: Seminar for the iSchool@northumbria

Date and time: 14.00 on Wednesday 11 February 2015

Venue: Northumbria University


Many institutions seek to ensure that students are given support in various aspects of digital literacy which seek to ensure that they can make effective use of digital resources when they graduate. But what of staff and researchers? Unlike students, there is not an expectation that members of staff will leave their host institution after a fixed period of time. Similarly Vitae’s concordat for researchers addresses development for researchers which aim to ensure they are effective researchers whilst at their institution, with seemingly little consideration to their research career beyond their current host institutions.

In this seminar Brian Kelly will explore digital life beyond one’s current host institution and suggest that libraries should have an important role in providing support.


The slides are available on Slideshare and embedded below.

In addition a backup copy of the slides is available on Authorstream.


After helping to establish the UK’s first institutional web service at the University of Leeds in early 1993 Brian moved on to working for organisations which had responsibilities for providing support across the UK’s higher education community. Brian spend a year working for Netskills as a senior trainer before working as UK Web Focus at UKOLN. Since October 2013 Brian has been the Innovation Advocate at Cetis, University of Bolton.

Brian’s work has focussed on advising institutions on strategies for exploiting innovative web technologies to support their core activities. However recent changes in funding for national Jisc services have made Brian aware of the transitory nature of employment in higher education and the need to ensure that those who are employed in higher education are not locked into institutional siloed technologies and are able to exploit Cloud services  which are not reliant on institutional affiliation.


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